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How is payment of my items determined?

Payment is based on gold content (karat), weight, and the daily price of gold.

How does CNT determine what to pay for my valuables?

Retail stores mark-up jewelry as much as 20 times the actual value. We pay for the "melt value" of your jewelry - that is, the value of the gold itself once it has been melted down and sent to the refinery. Craftsmanship is not a consideration when assessing the value of your gold.

The insurance company appraised my jewelry for $600, so I should receive $600 from Check N Title Loans, right?

Insurance companies will appraise your jewelry based on "retail replacement value." In other words, what it will cost to replace your jewelry if it is lost or stolen. Therefore, these appraisals do not consider the value of the gold itself and have nothing to do with payment you should expect from Check N Title Loans.

There is a stamp on my ring indicating "24K." Is this reliable?

Unfortunately, not always. Although most countries require manufacturers to stamp the gold content of their jewelry, very few countries (including the US) enforce these laws or require an independent third party to evaluate the item. The stamp on your jewelry may be correct, but it is quite common to receive jewelry that is fraudulently stamped.

What testing methods are used to determine purity of gold?

Payment is based on gold content (karat), weight, and the daily price of gold.

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